Add note to README that example PIPs require C++17

When trying to generate examples directly from the PIP/.h files, they default to C++14, but the current develop branch requires C++17. The PIP C++ version problem seems to relate to the issue mentioned here, but maybe just a quick note in the README in the examples section where it currently says:

If you want to build the Projucer app from JUCE you can load each of the PIP examples directly to generate the IDE files.

…that also mentions to set the C++ version to C++17 or higher could go along way in preventing newcomers from hitting initial compile roadblocks. Right now opening a PIP, exporting to IDE and trying to build fails without further intervention and it may not be obvious the default C++14 project setting is too low.

Thanks. Added here: Readme: Added a note about minimum C++ standard required for PIP files · Tracktion/tracktion_engine@36cbd01 · GitHub

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