Add setDefaultFixedTypeface to juce::LookAndFeel


Currently, on Windows computer with chineese language extension, missing chinese character not present in “Lucida Console” system font simply does not appeared when fixed font style is requiered.

So I propose to add the ability for Juce to customize application fixed font style globally .

This feature is pretty important to allow internationalization of CodeEditor for instance or any kind of text label using fixed font, like console terminal, etc.

Like existing void LookAndFeel::setDefaultSansSerifTypeface (Typeface::Ptr newDefaultTypeface)
and void LookAndFeel::setDefaultSansSerifTypefaceName (const String& newName)
I would like to introduce new void LookAndFeel::setDefaultFixedTypeface(Typeface::Ptr newDefaultTypeface)
and void LookAndFeel::setDefaultFixedTypefaceName(const String& newName). This to allow global application fixed font change.

Thanks to setDefaultFixedTypefaceName the client can choose other local system font to fix the issue.

Here a patch proposal of the Juce current developer branch that fix this issue as a pull request:

Hoping all of this can helps
Thanks for your concern about this.
Best regards.