addAndMakeVisible() issue

Hi All, Can addAndMakeVisible() not be found in the NoiseGate example? Just looking for a quick addition of some text that follows the automatic arrangement… Thanks…z

If you are talking about NoiseGatePluginDemo, it uses the PIP to hide the most boilerplate, and furthermore it uses the GenericAudioProcessorEditor.
To change the behaviour of the editor, you have either to hack the GenericAudioProcessorEditor, or create your own bespoke editor, as described in the tutorials.

Thanks Daniel, if you can quickly point me at basic steps how to add a Label into the GenericAudioProcessorEditor that would be fab…!

…I can’t seem to find the addParameter function in the GenericAudioProcessorEditor.cpp… Pimpl seems to do something along the lines…? Supposedly ComboBox is supported but I can’t figure how to make one… cheers…z