Adding a Library in a Module Definition

Hi All,


I think that one way to embody CryptoPP libraries into a Juce Module could be adding its library as a reference in the juce_module_info file due to the impossibility to compile CryptoPP as an amalgamated .cpp file.

I was watching Juce module files. Threre are directives as:

  "OSXFrameworks":  "Cocoa IOKit",
  "iOSFrameworks":  "Foundation",
  "LinuxLibs":      "rt dl pthread",
  "mingwLibs":      "uuid wsock32 wininet version ole32 ws2_32 oleaut32 imm32 comdlg32 shlwapi rpcrt4 winmm"

But nothing related to Windows libraries. Neither I can find syntax about how they work (Jules, the Juce Module Format web tutorial does not say anything about that).

So, my question is, Can be added an external library as part of a Juce Module?



To be honest, I think the reason I never added windows libs is because you can do it directly in the source-files with "#pragma comment (lib"

e.g. grep the source tree for "pragma comment" and you should see plenty of examples.

Ok, Jules, good point.