Adding an object file in a jucer project

I’m trying to add a C++ object file in a jucer project:

Here is the line I’m currently using to add a C++ file:

<FILE id="BecAMR" name="FaustPluginProcessor.cpp" compile="1" resource="0" file="FaustPluginProcessor.cpp"/>

and the line to add the object file:

<FILE id="BecAMS" name="dynamic.o" compile="1" resource="0" file="dynamic.o"/>

Then the dynamic.o file correctly appears in the Xcode project for instance, but is not actual linked in the final build. I have to do that again in Xcode.

I have tried to change the compile or resource flag without success.

So can object files be added in a jucer project ?

Object files can’t be added as source files.

It should be possible to link the object file by adding its path to the “Extra Linker Flags” field of the “Xcode (MacOSX)” exporter in Projucer. The path should be relative to the Builds/MacOSX folder, so it should be be something like ../../dynamic.o or ../../Source/dynamic.o depending on where dynamic.o is located.

I hope this helps!

Adding extraLinkerFlags="../../dynamic.o" did it. Thanks !