Adding delay to ComponentAnimator

Hey Jules, I've added a delay parameter to ComponentAnimator.  It allows for specifying a delay time before executing the animation.  For example I'm using it to fade out a component a few seconds after mouseExit occurs.  If you're interested in adding it in then here is how I've done it.

-Add delay member to AnimationTask

-Include a delay param in AnimationTask::reset, ComponentAnimator::fadeIn, fadeOut and animateComponent (all defaulted to zero)

-Modify AnimationTask::useTimeSlice to handle delay: 

    bool useTimeslice (const int elapsed)

        if (delay > 0) {
            delay -= elapsed;
            return true;


That's not really how I'd want to approach a problem like that.. Wanting to add a delay is a valid request, but I think the class really needs extending so that it can perform arbitrary sequences of moves/pauses..