Adding external libraries

If I want to use external libraries, should I include them in a Visual Studio project solution afterwards, or should I include them in the Projucer when creating the project?

In my case specifically I got it to build with OpenNN in Visual Studio by modifying things within Visual Studio (lib directory, include directory, etc).

The app also ‘whacks out’ when I run the script written with openNN (the GUI gets all weird, although then it gets fine again)

For Windows I prefer to use a pragma…

        #ifdef JUCE_DEBUG
            #pragma comment (lib, "sicuucd.lib")     // ICU Core Lib debug
            #pragma comment (lib, "sicudtd.lib")     // ICU Data Stub debug
            #pragma comment (lib, "sicuuc.lib")      // ICU Core Lib release
            #pragma comment (lib, "sicudt.lib")      // ICU Data Stub release



I add them in Projucer as I use that, but Rail’s comment is valid for either.