Adding my own AudioIODeviceType in createAudioDeviceTypes

Realistically speaking, would it be workable for me to do this:

Subclass AudioDeviceManager, override createAudioDeviceTypes, callling the original but also adding my own “dummy” audio device that just has its own thread and simulates the necessary calls to the AudioIODeviceCallback?

What’s happening in my app is that after I sufficiently abuse the computer, I can’t get any audio device resource without rebooting. For this case I want to be able to select my dummy audio device so that actions which are supposed to be performed on the audio thread still happen, instead of appearing to hang.

Sure, that’s not hard to do. Sounds a bit hacky though.

I agree completely and the state of drivers/hardware really bothers me, especially that my laptop which is using crappy on-board “RealTek” audio has ZERO problems and low latency, while my expensive FireFace 400 connected to my desktop machine is causing me endless headaches!!!

This actually worked out perfectly Jules, adding my own custom device type was easy just like you said - nice.