Additional Components for FileChooser?

Is there an easy way to add checkboxes (or tickboxes, whatever they’re called) into FileChooser? What I’m after is a way for the users to easily select some specifics of the file saving process (gathering resources under a single folder).

So when the user selects “Save” from the menu, he would be presented with the usual dialog box where he can select the file and folder where to save the project. In addition there would be the single tickbox which would enable the user to gather all related files into the project’s own folder.

Of course if it’s not easy to expand the functionality of the existing FileChooser, I can in that case make that type of saving of the project file it’s own option in the menus. But it would be a natural place to put that feature into the FileChooser.

I decided to just go with the spearate option in the file menu. It’s good enough and I don’t have to figure out how to hack the FileChooser.

I haven’t used it myself yet, but it sounds a bit like a task for the FilePreviewComponent (JUCE: FilePreviewComponent Class Reference) ?

That seems like it has changing content in it based on the file and thus isn’t meant for file save options which would be static in that dialogbox.

Don’t have to hack the custom file browser component.
You can style it pretty completely in a custom LookAndFeel.