addListener(this) rvalue error

Firstly I am not that experienced so maybe this is a bit of a dumb question, but have been sent over some code by someone hired to create a plugin, they have gone away on a holiday so I’m unable to get hold of them to try and find a solution for this. so any help would be gratefully appreciated

A couple of days ago the code was working, I am trying to build in Xcode, but am getting the following error.

Cannot initialise a parameter of type ‘juce::Button::Listener *’ with an rvalue of ‘MainViewComponent *’

the line causing the error is


any help to resolve this would be great.

Can you verify that MainViewComponent inherits juce::Button::Listener?
If your MainViewComponent is created with projucers GUI editor, a save might have overwritten your changes you did to the header file.
To make a Projucer GUI Component inherit from multiple classes, add them in the “class” section into the field “parent classes” separated with commata.

Thanks for that, it’s fixed it.

It seems when ProJucer opens up the .cpp file it is rewriting the header file and removing everything in the the parent classes.