AE SDK/plugin integration into JUCE

Hi, I’m relatively new to Juce and programming in general, so excuse me if the title doesn’t make to much sense. With that said, I’ll explain what my achievements are.

I want to create a frequency visualizer with JUCE. But I also want the visualizer to react to the audio being feed through it with different light and smoke effects. Is it possible to integrate an Adobe After Effect plugin into the Framework?

For third-party hosts, the Adobe policy remains:

“Adobe neither supports nor recommends the creation of Adobe-compatible third-party hosts. While it may be possible to create a partially functional host by reverse engineering from the plug-in API specification, we do not recommend it and will not support you in doing so.”

It would appear that Adobe do not provide any SDK for hosting AE plugins and you would need to implement your own hosting mechanism by looking at the plugin SDK and reverse engineering a hosting solution.

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Hi Asimilon!

“Hosts” in this context would be the Juce Framework, right? And their SDK is primarily for creating content for their own products?

Yes and yes. Though you can develop plugins for their products instead (which is a huge can of worms).

Oh, thanks, Jrlanglois!
Can I just ask if you have any idea if smoke and light effect could be achieved from Juce alone? Or if you have any idea about other alternatives that are more 3rd-party friendly? :grinning:

The best way is to use OpenGL and shaders since it’s the most performant and flexible. This means probably rolling your own, unless you happen to find such shaders on google already (try having a look at shadertoy for inspiration).