After upgrade to Huckleberry project does not build anymore!

  1. After upgrading to Huckleberry this morning, my project does not build anymore with Visual Studio 2015 (without any change in my sources) :
    “Impossible to open the include file ‘base/source/flock.cpp’ : No such file or directory”

I did a deep file scanning of all my disks and this file does not exist on my computer !!

  1. The build by Projucer does not work: "windows.h file not found"
    but Visual Studio does not have any problem to find this file.

  2. With Projucer : "error:AudioModule.cpp: cannot refer to type member ‘Solution’ in ‘YinACF::Solution’ with ‘.’"
    but Visual Studio compile this file without problem.
    yinacf.h could be found on the web, eg:
    The issue is on the line “sol[i].Solution::Solution(W);” in the “build” method.

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