Aggregate Device w/ Plugin Host: Samples Dropped (bug?)

Hello all,

I’m working on developing a plug-in to convert MIDI to CV. As such, I’m running two interfaces at a time: a UR44 connected to my output monitors, and an ES-8 module that communicates I/O with my Eurorack setup.

In order to run both at the same time, I created an Aggregate Device in Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup that uses both. In software such as Ableton Live, this works as intended.

However, I’ve noticed that in the Plugin Host included with JUCE, a low-pitch scratchiness is generated when using an Aggregate Device setup. Changing the SR does not seem to fix it; Changing buffer size will alter the frequency of the scratchiness but not make it go away.

My only guess is that the buffers are being handled by striping between the ES-8 and UR44 which is causing blank/garbage samples to be inserted into what’s being outputted. Is this a potential bug / unaddressed use case?

For a temporary solution, has anyone made a lightweight plug-in host with either native support for multiple interfaces or that performs correctly with aggregate devices?