AlertWindow Custom Component Name Difference OSX vs. Windows

I have a cross platform JUCE app that uses alert windows as an easy way to render some custom pop-up windows. On Windows machines, the custom components added to alert windows do not visibly display their names. On OSX, however, the names of the components are added.

For my use case, either behavior is acceptable, however I am concerned that JUCE isn’t behaving the same across platforms. As it stands, If I render the component name inside the component, it is displayed twice on OSX, and if I don’t render it manually, it doesn’t display on Windows. Even more curious, after some debugging, the code to display custom component names from the AlertWindow paint function (shown below) is being hit on Windows, but names are not displayed.

for (auto* c : customComps)
    g.drawFittedText (c->getName(),
                      c->getX(), c->getY() - 14,
                      c->getWidth(), 14,
                      Justification::centredLeft, 1);