AlertWindow font


I noticed in 6.1.4 that when the title of an AlertWindow is empty, the message will be drawn in bold. Otherwise, the message font will be normal. This was not the case in 6.1.2. I tested the DemoRunner and it has the same problem.

Is this intended behavior?

Please can you provide more details? On what platform are you testing? Are you using native or non-native dialogs?

Juce style AlertWindow, Mac and Windows. It is easily reproducible in DemoRunner by just setting the title to String() and the message will be in bold font.

Thanks, I can reproduce the issue now. Are you sure that this behaviour has changed? I just checked out 6.1.0 and 6.1.2, and see exactly the same behaviour.

yes, sorry, you are right, it was an older version, 6.0.8. That version doesn’t show bold text when the title is empty

Are you definitely seeing this on Windows? I tested on Mac originally, but both 6.0.8 and develop render the message box with regular-styled text on Windows 11.

you are absolutely right! Mac only, Windows is fine. Sorry for putting you on the wrong track

Thanks, I’ve tracked down the issue and have a potential fix. It should be out shortly after the next point release.

Thanks again for reporting the issue. I’ve fixed it here:

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