AlertWindow not "on top"

I'm using AlertWindow::showOkCancelBox() to show a message if my program had an exception.  On OSX I thought it wasn't working, but then I realized the window was showing *behind* my terminal window.

I don't have control of the Component created to show the AlertWindow ... how can I force it to be on top?

You can just create one manually, set it up however you need to, then call enterModalState to show it.

Is there any issue with making the dialog "on top" if no other components are showing?

I see this behavior specifically when I don't have another component showing; for example before any windows have been created and I encounter a problem and show a message.  The message in that case shows up behind the terminal I'm typing from.

In addition, I need to be able to show the message on Android as well, and the modal ... well, how best to do that?