AlertWindow Question

I’m trying to force the centering of an AlertWindow on top of my parent Component. My parent component is not a DocumentWindow.

From what I can tell, I need to create a simple alert window, and then center it manually against the parent. (If there’s an easier way, then by all means let me know…)

I’m running into an issue with this bit:

AlertWindow w (T("Test Window"), T("This should be Centered"), AlertWindow::QuestionIcon);


I’m receiving “‘w’ : undeclared identifier” errors during compilation. If I don’t try to use ‘w’, then all is well-- compiles fine, looks OK at the breakpoint after my declaration, etc. Grr.

I am probably missing something very easy. I’ve been staring at the juce widgets demo code for hours, and finally decided to just ask and move on for now (after a brown ale, of course.)

Oh yah, if it matters I’m building against the JUCE svn trunk.


No idea - the code above is fine, unless you’ve got a macro or some other weird definition of “w” declared somewhere…