AlertWindow w/o appearing in task bar

I’m trying to make my AlertWindows show without the window appearing in the task bar.
For me it would be best to avoid subclassing AlertWindow, so things like ThreadWithProgressWindow will use this same behavior without further modifications.

I thought the thing to do would be to derive a class from LookAndFeel and re-implement getAlertBoxWindowFlags(), but AlertWindow only seems to call setUsingNativeTitleBar()/setDropShadowEnabled() based on this function, not change the flags used when calling addToDesktop() (which come from getDesktopWindowStyleFlags() instead).

Am I missing something obvious?

Hmm - looks like AlertWindow is missing a method:

[code]int AlertWindow::getDesktopWindowStyleFlags() const
return getLookAndFeel().getAlertBoxWindowFlags();


…presumably that’d sort it out?

Yes, that works for me…

I’m having this issue on Ubuntu MATE, I need the app to stay full screen but AlertWindows are taking it out - tried removing those flags in the L&F as suggested here but no joy.

Do I need to create a custom overlay-based subclass of AlertWindow?