AlertWindow with TextEditor Behaviour

Hi all,

I have an AlertWindow with a textEditor and two buttons (Save & Cancel).
The thing is if I press quickly any letter and then S, it triggers the Save button.
Any letter and then C quickly triggers the Cancel button.
Is there anything I need to set in order to not have this behaviour?

auto& lf = juce::LookAndFeel::getDefaultLookAndFeel();
alertBox.reset(lf.createAlertWindow("Save Patch", "", "Save", "Cancel", "",
    juce::AlertWindow::AlertIconType::InfoIcon, 2, nullptr));
alertBox->addTextEditor("name", "your patch name...", "Patch Name:");
int result = alertBox->runModalLoop();

PD: createAlertWindow adds a shortcut to the Buttons with the first letter of the name, however, why if I’m editing the TextEditor’s text and press any letter + shortcut quickly triggers the shortcut?

Thank you!

Looking at ‘createAlertWindow’ I can see it sets up 2 button Shortcuts from the first character of the strings.
Why not inherit the lookandFeel_v2 and substitute your own version, and change the addButton calls.

That’s exactly what I did to remove the shortcuts.
The thing is I don’t mind having the shortcuts, I just don’t understand why my texteditor loses focus when pressing two keys quickly. 🤷🏻