All good with Xcode 8?

Just thought I’d ask and make sure before I download and switch over.

I am interested if it allows building for OS-X 10.10 without any extra hassle…?

It will work as long as you set the minimum target <10.12. By default xcode selects 10.12 as the minimum target (which is quite dumb because then your app will only run on 10.12) so the build will fail. Simply change it to something lower in the Projucer.

I wish they’d stop updating it without improving any of the features I use…:slight_smile:

We also saw many problems/bugs/crashes with Xcode 8 when signing iOS apps… Nothing to do with JUCE, but probably best to wait before upgrading if that’s something you need to do.

Works well for me and feels faster/snappier than Xcode 7

I get this

/Users/kfarrell/JUCE/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/ Reference to ‘kAudioUnitProperty_SupportsMPE’ is ambiguous
/Users/kfarrell/JUCE/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/ Reference to ‘kAudioUnitProperty_SupportsMPE’ is ambiguous

With a shed load of deprecations. My computer updated my xcode overnight without me knowing = sad panda.

Just to add to this, I commented out the code that fails, and it builds. May or may not break stuff though but so far it looks good.

I believe the kAudioUnitProperty_SupportsMPE issue is fixed on the Develop branch, but not the deprecations.

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The deprecations are only a problem if you’re targeting OSX 10.12, which probably isn’t a good idea before it’s even been released!