Allocating bus while plug in is running


I tried to append buses or remove while plug-in is loaded in DAW. It has multi track input for rendering, and the number of track can be resized as user want to put how many tracks. Surely, it can be if I set MAX_TRACK backside such as 64 channels. But I guess if I set busArrangement to get input buses, it will allocate writePointer. And it means that holds memory block if it is not used for. (Still C++ is not familiar with, I just guess it)

Anyone have good idea for saving memory space and implementing smart structure?

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You cannot dynamically add/remove buses. You can only enable/disable buses.

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Thanks Fabian,

As you described I am keeping my stuff as enable/disable bus arrangement.

I want to increase the range of input up to 256 tracks(=256 buses) as pro tools support max 256 tracks.

In that case, most of spare tracks will be remained as disable state(if someone uses only 10 track, 246 buses left not used), and it can affect the performance internally?

Now I am building structure, so I didn’t get any tests on that. If I do test, will leave the result.