Allocating memory in a for loop... good idea?

[quote=“jules”]Ok Mod, I’ve had another look at your stuff.

Here’s a few comments on your c++ homework:

  • Why are there plugin-specific hacks in your JuceVstMain file???[/quote]

Bithead explained to me why this isn’t a good idea via IM. JuceVstMain should be a thin layer that connects the two. I kinda understand that now. I wrote another version which pulled all of that stuff out. Bad Mod! BAD!

Bithead got me for this one too! kindred spirits or something… you guys are scaring me more than my code scares you. :lol:

Okee doke, I’ll take a look at that class… thanks!

[quote]What do you mean by keeping parameters in the 0-1 range?[/quote] it really has nothing to do with juce. It’s just that in the example, the gain was being fed a number like 2… which should be scaled between 0…1 so it will be reflected in automation properly.

I did it that way, because I believe that is how vstgui handles it.

w00t! BTW, I commited yet another act of evil and made a template version which is strictly VST. :twisted:

Ok, I think you’ve learned your lessons there.

We’ll have to look at the parameter 0-1 thing later on. Some VSTs actually do use bigger values - I remember having trouble with this when getting them to work in tracktion. We’ll have to see how AudioUnits + DX handle the ranges and find a good generic method to use.