Alternative video to quicktime

Before i go reinventing the wheel, has anyone here made any alternative video components to quicktime? i’d like to play more formats, and i know lots of people who hate quicktime and refuse to install it!

haydxn, i’m one of those people :slight_smile:
have a basic juce layer to load some video file formats (without quicktime) would be cool, but i think you’ll end having to incorporate thousands of different codecs source files to support at least a minimal part of available video formats (and it will make juce codebase grow a lot).
i would be interested in this tho, but i’ve got no clue where to start !


What about ffmpeg and ffplay. It uses SDL.
Also I believe it’s possible to show video through OpenGL.


DirectShow is a real pain to develop with and works only on ms windows, but has many codecs (way too many… )
ffmpeg looks good but it’s gpl and uses some patented techniques
quicktime is better, but to make it efficient you have to get a lower level access to the buffers.

You can use opengl for display and effects with any of these.

ffplay is an application done with ffmpeg and sdl, but of course sdl is not a dependancy of ffmpeg.