Amalgamation quirk - KeyPress

In the tip 1.53.90 juce_amalgamated.h

line 24613: /*** Start of inlined file: juce_KeyPress.h ***/ ... line 58920: /*** Start of inlined file: juce_Keypress.h ***/
Both define the KeyPress class, using JUCE_KEYPRESS_JUCEHEADER as a guard so I presume only the 1st will take effect.

No big deal, just seems a bit messy (and confuses my interface generator).
Wasn’t so with 1.53.89

The amalgamator is supposed to remove duplicates, but I guess something about that file is confusing it. Not sure why…

Perhaps it’s the casing. KeyPress vs. Keypress in the filename?

Ah yes, I didn’t notice that! There must be an include somewhere that has the wrong case - thanks, I’ll do a search…