Amazon AWS C++ SDK and JUCE

Has anyone tried integrating the two? I’m thinking of creating a download manager for our products.


Our download manager just streams the files stored on an S3 folder in AWS. Didn’t get to use the C++ SDK. But if something like that is integrated in Juce I’d be happy to use it.

Hi @swar! When you say it “streams the files stored on an S3 folder,” what method does it use to do the streaming? Are you somehow doing this without the SDK? Doesn’t S3 use its own protocol?

Plainly InputStream::read

Created through URL::createInputStream

No specific S3 API

Surely that involves having a direct link to your files on S3, no? Meaning if someone were to analyse your download manager or use something like wireshark they could easily find the link to your products and share them?

I’m a bit rusty on S3, I use the python API on my web server, but IIRC the point of using the S3 API is to create a 1-time use link to send to the client to avoid having a direct link to your files.

Yes, indeed. I just use for downloading some sample packs, so I’m not that concerned about the security flaws of the approach.

Thanks to both of you. Useful discussion! :slight_smile: