An abandonded project

I’ve got caught up in another endeavor, so I’m donating this as PD to whom ever might be interested. (The freeverb code in there is already PD.)

It works pretty well. :shock:




Note, that the binaries are under the GPL so if you redistribute them you have to redistribute the source under the GPL too. But you can have the source “in it self” as PD though. Basically this is only a meaningful distinction if you use JUCE under the commercial license because ripping something from my code wouldn’t infect your’s with the GPL. I love license logic, how about you?

cool… i’ve posted a linux build on my site… :smiley:


I hope it works well enough to be used (Nice if it makes someone happy).

The chorus is the only part I didn’t finish I think. Other than that it’s just small stuff. (…I hope, I never tested it that thoroughly…)