An EQ type app for android

Sorry for such a beginner’s questioner, but I’m a beginner!

Would I be able to code an EQ type app for android with JUCE? (assuming I could do the coding - i’ve made/hacked a few other things with juce as a learning process)

No reason why not. It’s one of the main strengths of JUCE - cross-platform audio development!

Good news.

Would you know how i would grab the audio signal and divert it through my EQ? Roughly what would be the JUCE approach for that?

There is a tutorial for that:

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Thanks for that. Maybe I’ve misunderstood but isn’t that demo using the input - e.g. the microphone or something. Right?

But what if I want to EQ something that is playing on the mobile - like a song in a music app, or a video etc. Possible?

Possible, but if you want to access audio streams outside of an input (or URL), unless you are building an audio/video player in JUCE, would be mean dropping into the Android API’s for those bits.

So I would have to tap into the Android API - prob - to get the audio routed into a JUCE Audio source of some kind? Process it and route it to the device out, etc? (i’m just thinking generally here, rather than a specific approach)