An interesting Juce project for you

This is not exactly a “Juce job” offer since no money compensation is offered to you. But anyway, here is a very interesting project in which you can participate… as a developer or entrepreneur or both (!)
What it is: Let us develop new extraordinary Touch Instruments for large PC / TV-size 10-finger touch-screen monitors. This will be an amazing product; it has great potential.
Please, visit my website–it is all there. Go to

Thank you. Looking forward to hear from you.
The Vento Project
Greetings, Hugo

Hi Hugo, Have you seen TouchOSC?

I have seen the Vento keyboard demo on Youtube, as you suggest in your link. It is very difficult to believe that you did not just (tried to) play in sync with a soundtrack. It looks so fake (besides its incredible Doctor Who look) that I’m not sure it will be the best way to convince anyone about the project.

Ah. I cannot show something ‘simple’ running because someone could find out how it works. If you believe it is ‘fake’ then you are not taking it seriously.
Thinking ‘surperficial’ is the problem. Bye.

Hi arifd. Thanks for the website suggestion. Well, these products are cool, a shot in the right direction I will say. However, where are the UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE Touch Instruments? They are not there. Look, 30 years of work is 30 years. And I am not going to disclose my inventive material on the Internet. That’s a treasure that I would share with someone in person only… someone that shows real interest and have access to money. Not much is needed. Greetings, Hugo

I’ve lost track of how many apps I’ve seen that are trying out new ways of playing music with touch! And they’re not just obscure niche things - some of them are incredibly popular.

You keep talking about this “30 years of work”, but I think the reaction most people will have to that is going to be “30 years and not even a prototype…?”

You’re talking about looking for investors, but in my experience one of the key qualities that any investor will be looking for is the ability to deliver quickly and efficiently. Having zero tangible results after 30 years is not a great message to be sending out.

When you pitch an idea and people don’t take it seriously, then blaming the audience for not being insightful enough is delusional. If you’re the only person who “gets” your idea, then either it’s a bad idea, or you’re doing a bad job of explaining it!


Simply put: It is not easy to tell others about an invention and keep sensitive inventive material secret at the same time! If I talk about key issues openly then my concepts and ideas are gone–others steal it right away. And, by the way, I DO HAVE a prototype. As I said, I would only discuss the project with someone willing to do it in person. The whole thing is too important to talk about it in the Internet anyway. There are phones lines, email, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. to build trust and contact each other directly, first.

OK, but based on what you’ve revealed, I honestly think you’ll struggle to get anyone to that first meeting.

I wish you a lot of luck with it, but my advice is that unless you’re going to demonstrate an amazing prototype that blows everyone away, then the pitch you’re giving needs to be a lot more compelling.

As far as revealing your secrets goes, a general rule is that if the invention is good and also easy to copy, then someone will copy it anyway. If you can’t protect yourself via IP then just getting on with it and having first-mover advantage is usually the best strategy.


I could not find a video. Could you please share the link?

What can this do what an iPad can‘t?

From the patent-description, I can see that this basically maps the keys of your vento-keyboard (which could be any standard MIDI keyboard) to existing MIDI-clips that are then played back via some undefined instrument (let’s assume a standard 3rd party VST you can load).

How is that revolutionary, or even new or novel? How is that made better by using a giant touchscreen? Do you expect your customers to set up a giant dedicated touch-screen to play back some midi-clips? Do you seriously think that using a mouse on a generic laptop is holding music production back?

The landscape has changed a LOT in the last 30 years and we have customers as young as 13 years old buying our products from our website. They use the same laptop they play Minecraft / Fortnight on and they are VERY good using their computer and a mouse. There are TONS of free midi-clips available online that they can use and experiment with.

Your idea sounds good for something like an art exhibition, where random people can walk by and touch a few buttons to trigger some clips and walk away after a few seconds.

Who exactly is this product targeting?

Let’s be a bit more cheerful and appreciative here. I guess, the poster is aware of the critical parts. But on the other hand, he is convinced, there is something that makes it worthwhile.
He doesn’t want to share any more details, which is fair. But it makes it obviously hard to resonate or get excited…

A forum of fellow developers is probably the hardest place to pitch ideas, since everybody has tons of them, and each one is the best of all, obviously. I myself carry an idea for several years now, that I pitched a few times without success, other than positive words. So I know how it feels.

I think the advice given here before, using the momentum by coming out early, as soon as it demonstrates the MVP, is the only way.

Good luck!


It depends on the type of idea!

Developers in my experience are very welcoming of ideas that are technically innovative or ambitious, because they understand what makes them hard/interesting/unique better than a non-technical investor who doesn’t really “get” the challenges involved. But with developers you can’t attempt to spin too much, you need to be a straight talker.

On the other hand, if you have a woolly idea that involves some currently-trending buzzwords like “Machine Learning” etc, but which doesn’t have much technical grit to it, you’re probably best avoiding devs and finding an investor who isn’t too technical. However, if you go down that road, they’ll be mainly interested in how compelling you are as a person/founder, and whether they trust you to spend their money wisely, which is a whole other type of pitching skill!

Speaking as someone who does custom development – it’s rare for a week to go by that we don’t receive an inquiry like this from someone with an unrealized invention that will change the world if only developers would build it for them on spec.

As former Apple Evangelist & VC Guy Kawasaki says frequently – if you really do have a unique and new idea, your problem is not going to be someone stealing it, it’s going to be convincing other people that your idea is good.

I simply would like a little more detail about the intended target audience, if my technical analysis is correct (playing prepared midi-files mapped to keys) then how this is any different then existing solutions?

Sorry if my previous post sounded overly negative, but I’ve had my fair share of “ideas men” over the years and when you look at his website you find more red flags than a Chinese military parade.


Please, have a look:

Sure, Jules, any new product may quickly be copied. But… in my case, I expect that to eventually happen much later… AFTER the product reaches the market, not yet at an early stage. I take no risks. I know that it is hard to raise money, even if not much is needed in this case. I will find my way. Thanks for wishing me good luck. All the best for you too! And… congratulations for your Juce software, it is certainly a great [I would say gigantic] achievement. Hugo.

Hi Achder,
try ‘musical keyboard invention’. There are 3 videos. They appear within the first 10 or 12 videos. Greetings, Hugo.

Why can’t you just put the three links on your website or post them here?

Well… I never done such a thing, technically speaking. If that is possible (as you suggest) I will try to do it… later. Thanks reFX