Analytics for Plugins (RIP: Google Analytics SDK)


Hi there,

since Google shut down their Analytics SDK recently, I was wondering what you guy are using as an alternative for plugins.
As far as I know Firebase only allows for iOS and Android Apps.

Has anyone implemented a solution? Is there a tutorial?



where do you see it’s deprecated? The doc is still live and my plugins are still reporting…


Google: “google analytics sdk 2019”
Apparently it will be shut down in October 2019.

Also when I try to add a new account or property it forces me to use Firebase.


A quick google suggests it’s being shutdown for mobile devices only and they encourage Firebase for these instead.




If you have properties that receive app data (no web, no Measurement Protocol) …

The JUCE analytics module demo is using the measurement protocol, so continue working with that way shouldn’t be affected as I read this.