Android ActionBar Overflow Menu not visible

I am trying to update a program written for Juce 3 to Juce 5. (It will eventually be Juce 6 but that came out after I started the process).
In its Android version, menus were done using the Android ActionBar using JNI. Less-often items were placed in the “overflow” pop-up menu (signified by 3 horizontal lines).
The problem I seem to be hitting is that the popup seems to be appearing behind the Juce MainWindow (in other words I never get to see any of the menu unless I hack the size of MainWindow to be smaller than full-screen e.g. using
centreWithSize (getParentWidth() * 0.8, getParentHeight());

Is the Android ActionBar Overflow menu something I should be able to use with Juce?
Are there any known "gotcha"s or hints?
My guess is that the Juce window is being added at the wrong part of the Android layout, or perhaps with the wrong Z order. But trying to change the Z order of the ActionBar does not help.

Incidentally, if I try to replace the ActionBar with the currently-preferred Toolbar, I find the JUCE window partly overlaps the Toolbar as well.

Thanks for reading this,

I have worked around this problem.

What I now do is have an Android menu item that looks like the standard Android Overflow menu symbol (vertical “…”) and use that to bring up a JUCE PopupMenu in the top right-hand corner of the application screen area.
Note that this doesn’t cope with Android’s “ifRoom” option that automatically moves menu items to the overflow section if it runs out of space in the main menu, so I set the visibility to “always” on every item that I want on the main menu.