Android as an export for AudioPlugin project type

I am trying to create JUCE based app which following exports:

  1. Standalone Windows .exe
  2. Vst3 Plugin
  3. Android Application
  4. Linux ELF executable
    First three are mandatory, fourth one is optional, but would be nice to have. So I tried Plugin template in Projucer and adding Android export, then I opened it with Android Studio and tried to build it, which gave following error:
Path 'C:\Users\stawrocek\dev\daw_plugins\PluginAndroidTest\Builds\Android\app\build\intermediates\res\merged\debug_\debug' is not a readable directory.

The thing is that directory doesn’t exist on my machine. I tried cleaning the project and rebuilding, same result. Also, my Android toolchain is properly set up as I am able to build projects produced by Producer’s GUI Application template.

Any Ideas?
Maybe just going with AudioPlugin template isn’t proper in this scenario?
Which would mean that I have to have two seperate projects: one for Windows/VST3 as AudioPlugin and other as GUI Application for Android
(most of the code would still be shareable as dynamic library so that wouldn’t hurt me that much, but I would prefer to have it as one project).

I am running JUCE 5.4.7 (newest one) on Windows 10


I also faced the same issue and for me it seems that it was an Android Studio-related problem. I had to delete the .gradle folder placed in PROJECT_FOLDER/Builds/Android. This folder is hidden, so in Mac you can see it with “ls -la” and remove it with “rm -r .gradle”. I guess that there is a similar way to deal with hidden folders in Windows.