Android Mp3 Player ?!

Hello everyone,

I am developing a mp3 player for android for my school project and as a beginner I want some help.

First let me describe to you the user interface that I thought about it.

It will have some playlists like " Artists " , " Tracks ", " Albums ", " Folders ", etc... (These are the tabs in the top of the screen).

When the user clicks on of these tabs the songs which are stored in the android storage should appear listed and in the bottom of the screen I thought for play button, next buttons and the slider that shows the length of the song.

I want to keep it simple because I don't have a lot of time. Maybe 3 weeks at most.

Yesterday I started programming it and all I did was showing the tabs ( Artists, Albums,...) and nothing else.

So far I noticed that I need to use: TabbedComponent for the tabs, ListBox and ListBoxModel for the songs to be listed and displayed in the screen (even though I tried and failed to display the songs). For the buttons I guess its simple to create them with the Button and Slider class. The only hard part I know is to pass from one song to the other with the next button while its playing.

So, what are the classes that I need to create this mp3 player ? 

I would  really appreciate your help.

Thank you.