Android ShareFile is crashing

I updated Juce from 5.3 to 5.4.4 and the following lines started to crash on Android, both Device and emulator:

    auto contentSharer = ContentSharer::getInstance();
    Array<URL> files {{ getDataFile() }};
    contentSharer->shareFiles(files, [&](bool sucess, const String& error) {});

The same lines work fine on iOS.
Is this a JUCE issue?

Yes, it seems to be a JUCE issue.

But it seems nobody really cares. It’s frustrating.

We care, and crashes always get priority treatment. But it’s summer holiday season and the team is a bit understaffed this month - we’ll obviously tackle things like this as soon as possible!


thank you. it’s critical. it probably also causes other issues I noticed on Android (only), using the FileChooser. it crashes when doing anything with the file returned.