Android Signing error


I’ve started creating a command-line application for Android, which is supposed to be - in the end - an audio-processing backend service, communicating with websocket to a python GUI.

I’ve only created the project, and modified the API version (30) and the aarch (arm64-v8a). After saving with the Projucer. I tried to either build within android studio and directly through the command line with the gradlew script, but both get the same error :

Execution failed for task ':app:validateSigningDebug_Debug'.
> Keystore file '/home/user/.android/debug.keystore' not found for signing config 'juceSigning'.

I’ve checked the Android tutorial (which is a bit outdated apparently), and I did not changed anything, apart from :

  • The type of application, I’m using a command line project type
  • The NDK path, it is not a valid field anymore in the Projucer Global paths
  • Both the arch and the API version as told before

I have two questions :

  • Is it mandatory to sign the android executable ? I might not need it for a while, this is only for prototyping.
  • I’d like to know what I’m missing for the signing to work, I’ll need it at some point nonetheless

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This issue was previously discussed here:

Nice, thanks a lot !