Android studio hanging following tutorial

Hi folks, I’m just trying to get going following the Android tutorial and seem to be stuck getting out of the gate. I’ve installed Android studio, set it up so it’s finding the SDK and NDK and ensure the paths are up to date in the Projucer, and have just installed the latest version of juce.

here’s what happens:

  • I make a simple GUI app in projucer, selecting Android as the export target
  • I then hit the exporter button
  • Android studio opens, with my project-name as the top name, and the top left item is “Android”
  • then it hangs, with a spinning wheel saying “indexing” at the bottom, a “loading” message in the top left, and that’s all I get. It never comes out of this state.

Anyone have any tips on what this means or what I need to do?


Well it eventually came to life, but it was spinning on indexing for about a half hour, anyone know what might lead to that?