Android Studio on Windows 7 (32 bit) sadness

Not a JUCE issue, but I have to ask, and it seems here is the best place… Is anyone here using the latest Android Studio / NDK etc on Windows 7 32 bit? It seems only 64bit is compatible.

Android Studio used to work, but it seems Cmake and Ninja are not compatible with 32bit windows. Does anyone have any words of wisdom to help a lowly developer rekindle his use of Android?

All I know is that Android Studio requires a lot of RAM.
At least 16g on my Windows 64 bit 10 dev box and my Mac.
It will actually get stuck “building symbols”. If I was lucky, it might eventually throw up a dialog instructing you to buy more memory.
I know because up until last week I was running 8 gig of RAM on most of my programming boxes.
That was not cutting the cheese, I upgraded and the problem went away.
Since you are running 32 bit Windows you make be out of luck…

Other than that, the latest Android Studio hasn’t been horrible. Visual debugging sure beats ndk-gdb.

Thanks for the response. There seems very little official information, AFAICT