Android studio won't allow me to switch to debug build

Hi, got into a situation where android studio won’t allow me to switch to debug, but doesn’t throw out any errors. any ideas of what to look for as the problem?

I have one project that works fine and outputs the following in the window when I switch from release:

Executing tasks: [:lib:generateDebug_DebugSources, :lib:prepareDebug_DebugUnitTestDependencies, :lib:mockableAndroidJar, :lib:generateDebug_DebugAndroidTestSources]

I go to another project and when i try and move it outputs nothing and just switches the build variant back to release immediately. No idea what is different between them that would cause this.


Is it maybe building symbols? I found that when switching between and debug/release this retriggers building symbols but Android Studio’s UI does not always indicate that it is doing so.

hi. no, def not doing that - it just refuses to switch for some reason. it immediately flips back to release build and I can try to switch to debug again and repeat endlessly.

I even cleared down all the build directories last night so it re-imported everything from scratch - this was ok as it default into debug. Built that ok, then switched to release and built that ok - try to switch back to debug and no go. No output from AS giving me any indication as to what is wrong

If i turn all the debug flags on in projucer (for the release build) and build that then I can get a debug build so it’s not the end of the world, just a pain of not being able to switch.

Can I say that I hate Android studio! :slight_smile:

Edit: Realistically, it must be something I’ve got wrong in my setup in Projucer, it’s just annoying that AS doesn’t give me any info to help me figure out what it is