[ANDROID] Why Demo sample runs slowly on my device

Hi!! Guys, I  have a bug, (well I think so) , when I execute for first time the Demo sample in my device (Pantech P9070, 1Gb Ram, Dual Core, Adreno) this run it very slowly , about 3-4 Fps average, but when I choose Graphics - OpenGL 2D option, so all frame rate becomes fast, about 25-30 fps, is it correct this behavior? some statement activate the graphics acceleration? What happens when I choose Graphics - OpenGl 2D option?





I can't say that I know your device but on all my devices except for the 4" 480X720 device OGL is at least 5X faster and on some even more. Without OGL 2D enable you are using software blitting/merging and it is very processor intesive.


OGL 2D has issues and design requirements over regular software so you will have to learn it quite a bit better.