AnimatedAppComponent is not a member class in namespace juce

I was creating an animated component but Visual Studio is giving me error that namespace “juce” has no member class AnimatedAppComponent.
I downloaded some sample example of AnimatedAppComponent from the site and they are working fine. But the one I am creating are not working.

Maybe you are missing the juce_gui_extra module…

I have juce_gui_extra folder in my JUCE/modules folder so I think I have that module.

It’s not only a question to have the module sources, but you need to add it in Projucer in the modules section or in your CMakeLists.txt file, depending on which method you use:

It might not be included in the default.

Don’t forget to save in Projucer and reopen your Solution/Xcode project if necessary.

Thank you very much. This was the issue. Now I have added the module so its working now.