Animation with LookAndFeel Slider

Hello all,
I am trying to animate a color changing slider and have been running into issues. Currently I am using the mouseEnter, and mouseExit to change the fill color of a component that is inside of my main component and that is working beautifully. The issue comes when I try to animate a different class in the main component based off of my mouseEnter function from the original Animated Component. For instance I want a mouseEnter on one side of the screen trigger a color change on the other side. The way I have it currently is failing to build with error that says undeclared Identifier.

PluginEditor.cpp (5.6 KB)
PluginEditor.h (6.8 KB)
PluginProcessor.cpp (6.3 KB)
PluginProcessor.h (2.1 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Post the exact error message. The clue is in the error :wink:

These are the two errors I am receiving

Severity Code Description Line Project File Suppression State
Error C2065 ‘anLook’: undeclared identifier 40 EqualizerAnalyzerPlugin_SharedCode c:\users\owner\documents\juce\examples\equalizeranalyzerplugin\source\plugineditor.cpp

Severity Code Description Line Project File Suppression State
Error C2614 ‘AnimationComp’: illegal member initialization: ‘anLook’ is not a base or member (compiling source file …\Source\PluginProcessor.cpp) 192 EqualizerAnalyzerPlugin_SharedCode c:\users\owner\documents\juce\examples\equalizeranalyzerplugin\source\plugineditor.h

OtherlookAndFeel needs to be defined before you use it. Move it up in your header file?

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Awesome, that fixed the two issues and I was able to get it to build successfully, so thank you so much for that! That being said, I am still struggling with getting the slider to change color. I am currently using the repaint() method if update = true and using a variable to interpolateWith a second color. This does not seem to work when I am using the OtherLookAndFeel class because there is no repaint() function. I have tried just calling the drawRotarySlider() again with the same argument but it’s not working. Am I missing something or should I be doing this a different way?