Announcement: Opening Project to Open-Source

Hi all,

I want to share the project I’ve been working on since I started using JUCE a few months ago, called QDIO EFFECTS CREATOR.

What is this project about?

I came up with this project as a guitarist, not a programmer. I wanted an intuitive tool to connect effects and parameters in a more flexible way than is usually available on normal plugins in DAWs that I used. I found that for this to be possible, all effects would have to be broken down into “building blocks”, and an intuitive graphical software could allow for custom configuration of these building-block effects and a dynamic parameter system.

After tackling this project in JUCE, I found that the software could potentially be used to actually manufacture plugins (without any programming knowledge), and much more. (Naturally, because JUCE is amazing.)

JUCE and Good Practice Programming

But my lack of experience caught up with me and the project became more and more messy as time went on, I lacked good practice and additional features or restructuring became more and more difficult to implement. That’s when I realised opening the project to open-source may be the best option, even if it just means one of you plugin-gurus regularly sends me hate-mail telling me how badly I’ve crucified the JUCE language and framework with my raw pointers and lack of documentation.

The Road Ahead

All this to say, I’m going to be focusing on streamlining the app firstly into a stable version, and then into DAW-compatible plugin-based “interpreter” for the custom effects, and perhaps using a more fluid GUI … and to achieve all that, I need to do some pretty heavy clean-up, modularizing, and documentation. I also look forward to taking advantage of all the github project features, which I am not so familiar with currently.

For this, I would appreciate anybody having a quick look and shooting me some tips or comments. And of course, if you are interested in the project or would want to collaborate in the future, that would be incredible, make sure to let me know.

TL;DR: Be sure to have a look at the project github, (or, once it’s worth looking at).

Anyways, I hope the very best for all you juicers, and I hope to continue being part of this incredible community.

Best regards,
Maxime Franchot