Another fix

Testing on other devices needed this fix, but i dont know why because the pixels should be overwritten,

bool OpenGLFrameBuffer::initialise (OpenGLContext& context, const Image& image)
    if (! image.isARGB())
        return initialise (context, image.convertedToFormat (Image::ARGB));

    Image::BitmapData bitmap (image, Image::BitmapData::readOnly);

    bool v = initialise (context, bitmap.width, bitmap.height);
    if (v)
        clear (Colours::transparentBlack);  // fix but why?
        v = writePixels ((const PixelARGB*), image.getBounds());
    return v;

This fixes corruption in the alpha channel.



wasnt a fix. it was uninitialised data somewhere else,that this happened to cure. then it came back