anotherInstanceStarted not working on Linux

anotherInstanceStarted is not working on Linux. It seems that Linux implementation is not calling deliverBroadcastMessage and sendActionMessage.

Can this be fixed?

As you point out, it relies on MessageManager::broadcastMessage which is not implemented on Linux:

is there a technical reason why this is not implemented for nixes? would it need to require DBUS? - can anyone give some advice on how to get it working?

I implemented this with namedpipes.

But I needed to fix Linux NamedPipe implementation first.

Hey folks, reviving this thread because it’s still an issue for us… Any plans to fix anotherInstanceStarted for Linux?


Crickets sound…

I would use this if it were implemented!

I needed it on windows as well and had to implement it myself Windows vs Mac command line handling differs · Issue #607 · juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub i wonder if it has ever been implemented on android and ios too

It has been implemented 3 years ago but superficially ignored