ANSI code page character error in ASIOAudioIODevice::getLastDriverError



Here an enhancement proposal
On Windows 10, asioObject->getErrorMessage can return bad local ANSI code page character
So in Juce 5.4.1 juce_win32_ASIO.cpp, @line 1118 ASIOAudioIODevice::getLastDriverError
istead of converting char buffer[512] into String, I propose the following snippet:

String getLastDriverError() const
    jassert (asioObject != nullptr);
    char buffer[512] = {};
    asioObject->getErrorMessage (buffer);
    return convertASIOString(buffer, numElementsInArray(buffer) - 1); // use enhanced converter

I also extand converter function buffer accordingly:

static String convertASIOString (char* text, int length)
    if (CharPointer_UTF8::isValidString (text, length))
        return String::fromUTF8 (text, length);

    WCHAR wideVersion[512] = {}; // grow to 512 for error instead of 64
    MultiByteToWideChar (CP_ACP, 0, text, length, wideVersion, numElementsInArray (wideVersion));
    return wideVersion;

Hopping all of this can be merged in master branch.

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Thanks, I’ve added this to the develop branch here.


Many thanks for your concern about this and your reactivity.
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