Answer our new survey (and a chance to win a JUCE t-shirt)


Hi everyone,

Please take 5 minutes to answer our new survey, and get a chance to win one of 10 awesome JUCE t-shirts!



Done :-)


Done too !


"enter your email adress to get the chance to win a Roli hoodie"



Thanks, will fix that!


Are these shirts/hoodies going to be made available for purchase?  I wouldn't mind getting one. :P


Yes, the t-shirts will be for sale at some point this year. 


I'm getting old and forgetful... already done it.


who? Could we have same names please? And perhaps a photo from the lucky winners wearing this awesome garment in their normal surroundings? :)




I did it !!


Thought this survey was a bit overdue after a month or so... That explains why there are no winners yet.


we still welcome your feedback there – the more data the better!