Any Introjucer change makes everything rebuild

Hello, all.

I’m using the Introjucer on Windows XP, and every time I make any change, even the slightest, my entire Window project builds from the beginning… a long time!

I’m wondering if this is something to do with another strange phenomenon - when I perform Save Project and Open In Visual Studio twice, it pops up two separate instances of Visual Studio, each with the same project, unless I close the project before I do that.

I think this is what it’s meant for. If Visual Studio is already opened you can simply save the IntroJucer project and Visual Studio will ask you whether it should load the modified project.

I assume the reason that Visual Studio rebuilds the entire project is that VS doesn’t know what changed to the previous version (preprocessor definitions, compiler settings…) and thus does the complete rebuild.


Oh, dear!

Visual Studio seems really badly put together, frankly. :smiley: It doesn’t recognize I have the same project already open and loads another copy; it doesn’t recognize that I’ve only changed link settings (I was trying to get my Release build working properly) and recompiles every single file (and it’s pretty slow on VMWare…)

Thank goodness I only do this at the last stage - XCode handles all of these issues fine - if I add just a single Introjucer file, for example, it only rebuilds ONE file, not a few hundred…

All right - at least I’m not doing anything wrong, I just need to budget a lot of time the next time I go back to Windows.

Thanks for your help!