Any one have a decent beginner tutorial for juice?

Hi all,

I am using opensuse 12.2 and like the look of juce, as I finally, once and for all, crack c++ gui app development.

I am a right in assuming that the only way to create and work on projects is with the Introjucer? I can’t see another way of compiling even a small app. Similarly, I take it that creating a ui is best done with the Jucer?

If anyone has a link to a really good introduction on juce development, that would be great.


The Introjucer makes it a lot easier but I don’t think it isn’t essential. I do find it useful however and it’d recommend it for at least starting off a project.
The Jucer is not really maintained any more and not essential. It can be useful for some things however.

The Projucer should be coming out eventually and that will allow UI development which I guess will replace the Jucer altogether.

Best advice is to look at the source of the extras projects, particularly the Juce Demo.
Have a look at the wiki also.

There’s also a tutorial by Haydxn which can be found here: