Any one know ho to fix error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef t_fstEffect AEffect’

Looks like you’re not using the official VST2 sources. This demo has only been tested with the original sources, so substitutes are unlikely to work.

I got the project code from git and also from JUCE.
Both, give this error when I enter the directory (cmake-build/), and run, make.
When it reaches 79%, it starts showing warning messages and then it drops.

[ 79%] Generating ReaperEmbeddedViewDemo_artefacts/JuceLibraryCode/JuceHeader.h

You’re using the FST headers instead of official VST2_SDK Debian Multimedia Team / fst · GitLab

Thanks… I’ll try to use what you said… :+1:

I didn’t say to use that, it’s a link to what you’re trying to compile with.