Any PACE + Sentry users?


I’ve integrated the Sentry native SDK for a client of mine in their standalone applications. It’s a crash and report analytics platform that gives you insights on how your app is performing out there in the wild, and it’s cross-platform for mac, win, linux etc.

It’s working great and has proven very valuable to improve the quality of our products.

However after wrapping the binaries with the PACE protection and licensing system,
we fail to get any form of stack trace on macOS, whereas Windows is fine.
Unfortunately I cannot give any details about the wrapping process publicly, as per the terms of the NDA we’ve signed with PACE.

I’ve contacted both parties to investigate this issue which is left unadressed after several email exchanges.

This anti-piracy solution is quite ubiquitous in the pro-audio software segment,
so I’d like to reach out here to other developers and companies using both PACE and Sentry,
to join forces and come up with a solution.
As there’s a quite lot of people using PACE here I believe it’s relevant for the Juce forum,
but if this considered off-topic, please delete this post.


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