Any plans to upgrade the ProJucer GUI editor so that it can handle the newer GUI components (like FlexBox etc...)?

What the subject says.
Although coding up a GUI from scratch using the tricks of subtracting regions from rects etc… makes sense, I still prefer some GUI tool to layout my… GUI’s… Now that we have these nice components such as PropertyPanel, ConcertinaPanel, FlexBox, … it would be nice if we could just select these from the GUI components list in the ProJucer GUI editor, like we can do with the more basic components.


On that subject:
Any plans to model back-end Electronic Components such as Tubes, Vactrols, ECC88s etc?

You would drop them on the IDE , as you do with slider and buttons, and re-create things like the original LA-2As and Pultecs etc, and perhaps a whole slew of new Plugins.

Circuit Diagrams :

And see this PreAmp VST :

That would be a bit beyond the scope of the project I imagine. Better to have a third party library that can be used to model existing circuitry. Visually? Perhaps something like Max or one of those synthmaker things would be more appropriate